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  Who Are We

Ibiza Domizile is an online brochure, where private owners can display privately a brochure. When an owner/landlord wants to display his information, Ibiza Domizile creates a brochure with details of the house. Further service is advising anyone interested and the passing this on to the owner. If owners so desires we also care about the handling of the enquiry

The owner pays for the Online brochure and information like when placing an advert in the paper, just for the placing of the information. Ibiza Domizile does not include holiday homes that do not fit in the concept of the brochure. Private owners and landlords place their information here, who own luxury holiday homes on Mallorca and desire to address sophisticated guests this way.

Actual rental is directly with the owner. Our brochure and service is free for You, as well as all reservations, like hire of cars, charter of yachts, staff, etc. The owners are represented locally on Mallorca by an administration or person of their trust.

Imprint - Address: D.I.C. INTER.CORP - APARTADO Balearen, 10456 Spain. Tel.: 0043-1-2297121

Disclaimer Ibiza Domizile does not take any responsibility for correctness or completeness of any information here. The displays and information of the holiday homes are created according to what we get from the owners. Ibiza Domizile does not take any liabilty for any damages caused before, during or after a rental of an object or holiday home directly from the owner.


  No guarantee or warranty for any of the details - no responsibilty or liabilty taken for incorrect details - for more got to 'Info' and terms    
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